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My Story

Welcome to The Barefoot OT. I appreciate your visit, and thank you for taking the time to learn more 🙏🏽

As individuals, we each embark on a unique quest of self-discovery. While this path may take many different turns and fluctuations, my role as a healer and sharer of knowledge is ever-present.

At The Barefoot OT, I believe that vibrational frequencies play a significant role in shaping our interactions. For this reason, I offer Shiva Shakti Healing as a remarkable tool for realigning our connection with universal energies.

Located in the Ribble Valley, I embrace every opportunity to connect with Mother Gaia and take advantage of nature's free healing energy. Through walks, meditation, gardening, or wild camping, I seek to enhance my connection with universal energy to increase resonance and enable more effective Shiva Shakti Healing.

My journey into Reiki began in 2000 when a university friend used the technique on an injured knee, reducing pain and swelling. However, it wasn't until 2010 in India that I met my spiritual teacher, Baba Jay, who attuned me to my 2nd and Master's degree. Baba Jay's experience living in many cultures, including LA, Hawaii, and with Sikh monks, as well as his personal experience living as a Sadhu, makes his teaching unique. Through Shiva Shakti Healing, we combine many cultural techniques and adopt them into our practice.

At The Barefoot OT, I am a qualified occupational therapist with extensive experience in mental health settings. I use the ethos of occupational therapy to help people live their best lives, focusing on independence and well-being.

By utilising Reiki energy and a love of nature, I encourage autonomy and self-care through holistic and natural resources. 

I hope that you find my message informative and engaging. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to learn more about the services.

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