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For your wellbeing...

Discovering your true self and achieving optimal health and wellness go hand in hand. By taking an integrative approach, you can align your environment, body, and spirit to pave the way for a fulfilling journey.

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One-to-One Energising Shiva Shakti Healing

A Personal Approach

Experience a rejuvenating Shiva Shakti Healing session customised to cater to your needs.

We can concentrate on the areas where you require maximum attention and ensure you receive the perfect balance of your Chakra. After the session, you will feel relaxed and recharged, both mentally and physically. 

The Barefoot OT offers two different time options for our packages: a 30-minute session for £20 and a 1-hour session for £30. I also provide options for low-income sessions so everyone can benefit from our services.

Come and experience the power of Shiva Shakti Healing today!

Distance Shiva Shakti Healing

For a Better Tomorrow

Experience an invigorating Shiva Shakti Healing in the serene ambience of your chosen environment. The healing Reiki energy will permeate through time and space, providing restorative effects wherever needed.

A pre-healing online consultation is included in all packages, with the option of conducting the entire healing session online if desired.

Opt for the exclusive Personal Package at an affordable price of £40 and indulge in a customised healing experience tailored just for you.


Level One Attunement 

Begin Your Healing Quest

Have you been feeling a stronger connection to the healing energies of Reiki?

The Shiva Shakti Healing tribe can provide a unique attunement that sets you on the path to becoming your own healer.

The Barefoot OT will help you find your personal guides and connect with universal energies to guide you on your path.

Plus, we offer ongoing mentorship every step of the way. Let's work together to find the perfect personal package for you! 🙏🏽

Shiva Shakti Energy Healing: Shiva Shakti Energy Healing
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